30 Day Tourist Visas now available at Borders for all Visitors

Selecting Mozambique as a travel destination has become that much easier after the recent announcement by the Mozambique government that all visitors to the country are now eligible to obtain visas at borders equipped with the necessary equipment to issue biometric visas.  This is a great breakthrough as there has been a lot of confusion over the past several years after the announcement that visitors with a Mozambique embassy or consulate in their home country should obtain their visas prior to traveling to Mozambique.  Contrary to this ruling, visitors have been able to secure their visas at borders although there were incidents at Maputo Airport were tourists were turned back due to confusion with the interpretation of the law.

The uncertainty of securing a visa, the risk in being turned away on arrival and reported poor service from some internationally based embassies and consulates had a severely negative impact on Mozambique’s reputation as a tourism destination which led to many travellers deciding to travel to other countries.  The availability of visas to all travellers is therefore seen as a major breakthrough by stakeholders in the Mozambique tourism industry.

The new announcement by the government of Mozambique also states that High Commissions and Consulates will no longer be issuing any 30-day tourist visas which reinforces that all visitors, irrespective if they have any Mozambique representation in their country of residence, will be able to secure their visa on arrival at the border.

There are now a total of 44 borders with equipment to issue biometric visas to visitors.  These borders include the following major tourist destinations / border crossings: Maputo Airport, Inhambane Airport, Vilanculos Airport, Beira Airport, Nampula Airport, Nacala Airport, Pemba Airport, Ponta do Ouro Border (Mozambique/South Africa), Goba Border (Mozambique/Swaziland), Namaacha Border (Mozambique/Swaziland), Ressano Garcia Border (Mozambique/South Africa) and Giriyondo Border (Mozambique/South Africa).

(written by Barbara Kuhn)

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    • Barbara Kuhn
      Barbara Kuhn says:

      Hi Karin – the costs fluctuate as per the exchange rate of the day. Currently the costs sits around USD 50 per person, per visa. This can be paid in either USD, ZAR or the local currency of Meticais. For payment you will need cash (there are generally no card machines available) and the notes will need to be new notes, in small denominations. Please remember that the passport needs to be valid for six months after departure from Mozambique and that a minimum of two empty pages should be available in the passport.

  1. Mette Skovsgaard
    Mette Skovsgaard says:

    Hello Barbara,
    I have been trying to find out about the correct information regarding visa for Mozambique.
    However, according to about it should not be a problem for my clients (Danish) to get a visa upon arrival at Vilanculos airport?
    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards

    • Barbara Kuhn
      Barbara Kuhn says:

      Hi there,
      As long as your clients meet all the requirements (passport valid for at least six months after departure from Mozambique, minimum of two empty pages in the passport, sufficient funds to pay for visa in cash, return flight tickets and confirmed hotel accommodation) there should not be a problem for them to obtain a visa on arrival. We have not had any reports of travellers being denied a visa on arrival if they meet these requirements so do not foresee any problems for your clients. Let me know if we can be of any further assistance!


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