Money Matters – When travelling to a SADC country

Wondering what form of money you should travel with? Not sure about how much money to bring along? Scared that you will run out of money while still travelling? Are you uncertain about the exchange rates? Read more

A Mozambique beach extension & why it’s good for you

No safari itinerary to Africa is complete without a few nights relaxing on one of its beautiful beaches.  The adrenalin rush of seeing the majestic wildlife up close, the early morning wake up calls and the long game drives do eventually take their toll.  It may sound funny but most travellers are in need of a holiday to relax after their holiday!

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What to Tech when Traveling?

When you plan your next traveling trip there is a lot of technology on the market that will make your life so much easier.  We will go through a few handy tech gadgets that is a must to make your trip a memorable and hassle free one.

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