When you do what you love, it’s not work anymore…

The truth is that travel in Africa is extra special. The natural splendour and diversity of the continent is just simply unrivalled. But there is much more to it than just that, tourism has an incredible potential to change millions of lives here in Africa. This brings us to the core of our business –

Africa needs tourists, just like tourists need Africa.

Infinite Africa is a boutique-style Destination Management Company that hopes to bring positive change to Southern Africa through tourism. We understand that this can only be achieved by working closely with key suppliers and our friends and colleagues in tourism, both locally and abroad. The Infinite Africa team strives to nurture these working relationships based on trust, reliability and transparency.

Infinite Africa is proudly associated with

Travel is our passion

Let us make Southern Africa your passion too

Agent Zone

Our international travel partners can log in to our Agent Zone to look up rates or make bookings online – fast & efficient!

In depth knowledge

Traveling in Southern Africa is our passion. We understand what makes one lodge different from the next and what the best option for your client is.

Caring about tomorrow

We love working with partners that look after their communities, team members and the environment just as much as they do after their guests. Infinite Africa is a proud member of Fair Trade Tourism and supporters of the Born to Live Wild campaign.

Competitive Rates

Through our long-standing relationships with key suppliers, we have negotiated competitive rates to offer our travel partners. This has been further expanded through collaborative buying power together with our sister companies to cover more destinations in Southern Africa.

Friendly, Tailor Made Service

We love what we do so you can be sure of friendly service at all times. Nothing makes us happier than working out an itinerary that suits your clients personal budget and highlights. We enjoy tailor-making requests to make the perfect holiday!

SATSA Bonded Membership

SATSA members adhere to a strict Code of Conduct and are required to submit documentation pertaining to their business annually so that the association can verify they are indeed running a healthy business that can be recommended to international tour operators. Members are bonded with third-party indemnity, ensuring financially sound relationships when using them as suppliers.