Mozambique Visa Increases

There has been a lot of confusion of late with regards to the earlier announcement that the visa fees for Mozambique will be increasing.  The confusion mainly stems from the fact that the increase in fees is only applicable to visas that are obtained at international embassies and consulates prior to travelling.  The new cost of a Single Entry Visa (1 – 30 days) has increased to USD 100 / EUR 90 per person* – based on the local rate of MZN 6252.  Although the new prices have been issued we have received reports that the new rates are not yet implemented by all the High Commissions, Embassies and Consulates abroad.

However, the cost of visas obtained on arrival remains at USD 50 per person*.  This has been reconfirmed at the Ressano Garcia border, Maputo and Vilanculos Airports.

Please note that should travellers which to obtain a visa on arrival they should ensure they have the following:

  • Passport valid for at least six months after departure from Mozambique
  • Minimum of two empty pages in the passport
  • Confirmation/copies of hotel reservation and onward flight tickets (please send passports details beforehand so the relevant confirmation letter can be prepared by the accommodation in Mozambique)
  • Cash to pay for the visa – new notes, small denominations
Kindly note that visas on arrival are only available at the main land borders and international Airports.  Visas on arrival are not available at Giriyondo border post.  Obtaining a visa on arrival remains a time-consuming process and therefore, although it is more expensive, we still recommend that clients obtain their visas prior to traveling where possible.  Especially if there are onward connecting helicopter flights, boat or road transfers waiting for them.

* The rate is subject to the exchange rate of the day and may change slightly 

Some positive Visa news! The Mozambique Government has recently announced that they are in the process of developing an online visa platform to help encourage tourism to the country.  This will go a long way to simplify, and hopefully standardize, the visa process for all travellers in future.